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  "...better than I ever imagined documentary could be..."
People magazine - USA

Jack Pizzey’s documentary films include:-

SWEAT OF THE SUN TEARS OF THE MOON – a South American Journey with JP. Authored a book and eight 60-minute films for ABC, shown by NHK Japan, BBC2 (“Naked Fear for Jungle Jack” - The Mirror. “A triumph” - The Times. “It gets better and better” – Daily Mail) and by the PBS in America as South American Journey (“Fresh, eclectic, romantic” – New York Times. “A+! Pick of the Year - Pizzey gives you a continent alive.” - People magazine). Logie Award (Australia’s equivalent of the British BAFTA and the US Emmie).

KING JUAN CARLOS – reporter on two 60-minute BBC2 profiles with Spain's king. HUSSEIN THE SURVIVOR KING - another, BBC2 again, with Jordan's gutsy ruler.

GUMBALL - a one-hour film following the illegal race round Europe on busy motorways, with lunatics in Lamborghinis overtaking madmen in Maseratis on the hard shoulder.

PEKING TO PARIS! Twenty half-hour docs following adventurers racing 85 antique cars round the rough side of the planet, over the Himalayas and through Iran. Some died, some laughed all the way. It ran worldwide on America’s History Channel and Sky and Star’s Travel Channels: “Terrific!” said Sky boss Mark Sharman. “Wonderful . . . amazing!” wrote the BBC.

Producer-director-presenter of five JOURNEY series for British regional ITV and then Channel Four or BBC, totalling thirty half-hours. One series nominated at the New York Film Festival.

SLOW BOAT FROM SURABAYA - through SE Asia with JP - an independent series of six 50-minute “thinking man's travelogues.” Shown in the US by A&E and Discovery, by ABC(Australia), and by BBC2 – “Pizzey is Whicker with politics - Lord Clark in running shorts” - The Guardian. “He has great style and flair” - The Times. “Remarkably literate and stylish . . . he has the clout of a James Cameron.” - The FT. American ACE nomination.

Presenter/director of some fifty BBC documentaries (4 BAFTA-nominated) including the non-presenter non-commentary ROCKY CIRCUS for FORTY MINUTES and for MAN ALIVE, films on the Tour de France, coverage of the Le Mans 24-hour race, a challenged amateur attempt at the Sound of Music, Henley Regatta, a hunt for treasure under the Red Sea and "I Call it Murder" about a Chicago ghetto hospital.

BBC general trainee, then co-anchor of Radio 4 flagship THE WORLD AT ONE’s opening year, then one of the four founding network reporters through BBC1 NATIONWIDE’s first years.

VIVA NICA! For a Channel Four arts series, a 50-minute film about Nicaragua’s campaigning artists, writers and singers on the barricades.

Jack Pizzey, Award winning British presenter and director. His productions involved travel, culture, history, politics and adventure for the BBC, the ABC, the PBS, the Discovery Channel, the Arts & Entertainment Channel and NHK Japan.

6am at the Rio Carnival

King Juan Carlos

The main road from Peking to Paris

Lunch break by the Mekong River

Gunshot wounds at Cook County Hospital

Viva Nicaragua!