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Also a screenplay. A satirical musical with a 25-song CD and film-clips of a 5-day professional workshop - an Oh What a Lovely War for our epic failues in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Click here for the trailer.


You Gotta Be Crazy to Look for it!

An "Oh Brother Where Art Thou" set in Cornwall with Brit songs instead of in Mississippi with American ones. Three hapless treasure-seekers are pursued by 'Helmet' the Roudhead soldier with no face, and his terrible dog, Fiend. A digital 26-page full treatment with song-clips is being expanded as a screenplay. And as a stage libretto. And also as a live event to be filmed and performed like the Chester Mystery Plays in crowd at events like, say, Padstow's May Day.

Click here for the treatment. Click on the pink arrows to hear the song clips.